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Scott Sinclair To Finally Sign For Man City

Getty Images

Morning. Various sources today report that Man City will finally sign the Swansea winger Scott Sinclair on Tuesday.

The deal will be worth a reported £6.2m for the 23 year old wide player who will probably sign a 3 or 4 year deal. Sinclair, who was left out of the Squad for Swansea's victory over West Ham, will become Man City's second signing of the summer after the capture of Jack Rodwell from Everton.

There will be more players hopefully arriving in the next 5 days with the papers whipping up the Martinez to Man City story. As was the case with De Rossi, we can but dream for Javi Martinez who on the one hand would fit the profile of signing young players, but on the other hand may be way too expensive for Man City's current transfer philosophy.

Fingers crossed.