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Man City News And Rumours (24/08)

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VANCOUVER, CANADA - JULY 18: John Guidetti getting a good handful!
VANCOUVER, CANADA - JULY 18: John Guidetti getting a good handful!

Good morning everyone. We are only a week away from the transfer window slamming shut so I shall run through some of today's rumours and news that are available around the blogosphere.

Sky Sports reports that John Guidetti is set to receive a new long term deal from Man City and this new contract will be followed by a season long loan away from the club.

This will be an interesting story to follow. John seems like an ambitious fellow if the quotes attributed to him are to be believed, so would he sign a new contract and thus put his fledgling football career in the hands of Man City who are stocked at this position? I'm not sure. A loan would be great, to a Premier League team would be even better. We need to see John perform against greater levels of competition so as to evaluate exactly what we have in the young Swedish striker.

Man City have turned down a Juventus bid of £11.3m for Edin Dzeko.

This link is from Talksport. That may say enough but I shall continue. Man City are a striker light for the next 4-6 weeks due to Aguero's injury, the money is too low, I cannot find the Gazzeta link, oh and this rumour is from Talksport.

Man City and Man Utd split Premier League financial controls

Interesting piece from the Telegraph. FFP and finances will become ever more prevalent as we edge toward the actual introduction of FFP. Will we see FFP actually enforced and clubs penalised? I'm doubtful.

Nextgen series kicks off next week

Man City to offset Sinclair purchase with Adam Johnson sale

If Scott Sinclair can be bought for half the price that Adam Johnson can be sold for I think most of it will call it a good piece of business. Neither player will likely play much at Man City so a profit of £5m and a younger player coming into the club makes sense.