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Twitter Rumor: Edin going to Spurs?

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Found this little tid-bit across Twitter today, we will see how true it is on Wednesday.

A Drake [z0la25™]CFC ‏@AllisterDrake
Close friend of Edin Dzeko says that pending Aguero injury news, will join Spurs on Wednesday signing a £4.3m a year deal. #MCFC#THFC
A Drake [z0la25™]CFC ‏@AllisterDrake
@Liammanzo Family friend who I work with, they went to the Epsom Derby together, he speaks to him every other day, should be reliable.
Wyatt V Wendels ‏@WyattVW
@AllisterDrake sorry but I'm not buying that one at all.....and either are Spurs!!
A Drake [z0la25™]CFC ‏@AllisterDrake
@WyattVW I have no interest either way, lad at work was on phone to Edin when I arrived, so just tweeted it.

It would be interesting to see, Ade is already a proven product for the Spurs, so the question becomes why go after Edin? Of course the Spurs are also in the market for Bosnian midfielder Pjanic who was bought from Lyon by Roma last season. Edin was also spotted in Germany today having drinks with another Bosnian player.

I guess we will found out very soon!