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City v Southampton Scoring Chances

Looking at scoring chances was something I did at the back end of the 2011/12 season and continued throughout the European Championships. Details of the criteria for recording and measuring scoring chances can be found in this initial post.

The breakdown from Sunday's game (click on the image above to enlarge):


A quick summary of the key points:

  • City out-chanced Southampton 16-5 in total; 7-0 in the first half and 9-5 in the second, underlining the dominance they had in the game in terms of possession and shot totals.
  • Taking this further, on two of Southampton's five chances - which led to the goals - there were errors committed by City players: Joleon Lescott on the first goal and Jack Rodwell on the second goal.
  • Samir Nasri led the way for City in terms of scoring chance involvement with a +8 rating. Yaya Toure also scored highly with +7 and despite struggling for the most part David Silva was a +5. The busy Carlos Tevez was a +4 and Pablo Zabaleta - who played in a very advanced role was a +2.
  • One thing that was noticeable in the limited number of games I looked at last year was the high number of chances that Edin Dzeko was involved in compared to the number of touches he has. This was again evident on Sunday, with his 9.52 per 100 touches a team highest.
  • I also looked at the breakdown of chances that the players were involved in at various game states, which were +/ (scores level), +1 (City ahead by one goal) and -1 (City behind by a goal). As we can see, most of the scoring chances created by City were at +1, with Nasri and Silva leading the way.