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RVP To Sign For Man United (Guardian)

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WOW, no sooner had I finished the Martinez update that news began to filter through that Robin van Persie will sign for Man United.

The Guardian link is here

United will have some 1-2 punch now with Rooney and RVP. Although as I discussed at length I am not sure RVP would be all that great a signing. The full Is Robin van Persie a worthy target for Man City can be found here.

Arsenal have confirmed their captains sale and the bleeding of top level talent continues at Arsenal for another season.

The fee is a staggering £23 miliion pounds for a plyer who is 29, injury prone and coming off the back of a season he will likely never repeat again. He will be an excellent player for United though.

The title race just got more interesting!

2 additional links also.

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