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Where be our Pugsley?

He's on vacation, people. Which means we've got to do something to entertain ourselves. So, some random questions to keep us busy. Answer one, answer all, or post anything on your mind; consider this an open thread.

  1. Was Micah Richards right or wrong to remove himself from the stand-by list? With Cahill's jaw currently resembling a jigsaw puzzle, there is but no question that Micah would've gotten the call... had he not removed himself from the stand-by list. And how long before someone questions his patriotism? I predict not long at all.
  2. I have watched the games over and over again, especially the 1-6 game and the QPR game (the team website is incredible, by the by) and here's my issue--I don't want to see any of these guys leave. Anybody else feel the same way? I have literally become emotionally attached to the 2011/2012 side to the point where if anybody above Savic leaves, I'd be disappointed. Anybody else feel the same way?
  3. I was asked by a friend the other day what were the high and low points of the season for us. High points were many but two stand out: the 1-6 thrashing at Old Trafford and the last game of the season. As for low points, I'd say l'affaire Tevez was one long visit to the dentist's chair for most of us and the loss at Arsenal where Balotelli jumped the shark and Gunner fans did the Poznan.
  4. We pause now for Eden Hazard's reasons for turning down the Manchester clubs.
  5. And in case your doctor thinks your blood pressure is too low, here's a Man United blog claiming the refs gifted us the title. Not to worry; Fergie always did say these things even out in the end.
  6. Finally, Patrice Evra engaging in behavior matching his maturity level can be found here.