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2011/12 EPL Season By Numbers- Goals For And Against Per Point

Welcome to part II of my look at the numbers behind the 2011/12 EPL season that finished last month. The posts will come along quickly and without much of a break from now on. There may be up to 3 or 4 posts a day. I hope you can find some of the posts interesting and I hope to show us all some things that we might not have known before.

After the jump I'll take a look at each teams goals, scored and conceded, and then in the next post look at these numbers in a home and away split. Here goes!

This is the EPL goals scored per point in chart form


And this is the EPL goals scored in graph form


Red line is the mean.

As we can see in the charts above it was Wolves who needed to score the most goals in order to gain a point. At the top of the chart it seems to be a collection of fairly poor teams who conceded a lot.Then a mixed bag in the middle of quality sides such as Man City and Arsenal who just flat out scored a lot and thus their number is high.

Towards the bottom of the chart are teams who were very efficient in gaining points. Stoke only scoring 0.8 goals per point and Newcastle 0.86.

I'm not sure being at either end of the chart can be celebrated as it does not seem to have a strong uniformity with league position.

EPL goals conceded per point gained

In chart form


In graph form


Red is the mean line

Here we see a little better uniformity with overall EPL finishing position. We see teams like Man City and Man Utd conceding less than a third of a goal for every point gained. The chart shows us which team had the strong defensive ability when it came to collecting points.

We see a uniformed bottom 4 here with Wolves, Blackburn and Bolton all having poor defensive records which ultimately cost them despite having strong goals scored per points records (as seen in 1st chart). The relegated clubs all had goals conceded per point records far worse that the mean and these records were too much to overcome in the end.