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Euro 2012: Spain Scoring Chance Index Tournament Totals

With victory over Portugal on penalties in their sem-final clash, Spain booked their passage to the final of Euro 2012.

Spain out-chanced Portugal 6-3 to mean their tournament +/- stands +34 (F56 A22), but whilst they racked up 44 chances in the group stages they have managed just twelve in their two knock-out games. Whilst the chances have dried up, in defence they have conceded just five scoring chances since progressing from the group stages.

Individually, Xavi still leads the way but after David Silva drew a blank Andreas Iniesta moves into second place.

The chances per 100 touches are also interesting to look at as we have now have a basis for comparison given Spain have played five games. The leaders in this category are: Fernando Torres (12.99 per 100 touches), Cesc Fabregas (6.76) Jesus Navas (5.81), whilst of the players who have started every game Silva (4.73) edges out Xavi (4.29) and Iniesta (3.36).

The full individual numbers are as follows (click to enlarge the image):


Team totals, loewest etc

Individual numbers...