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Euro 2012: Portugal v Spain Scoring Chance Index

An interesting and at times absorbing game, as opposed to one filled with drama and excitement, but this did not detract from the game as a spectacle as two top sides battled one another to the finish.

It was a game with very few scoring chances; Spain ultimately ‘winning' this battle 6-3, but the breakdown throughout the game is of interest. It was a quiet first half with Spain ahead 2-1, with Portugal edging the second half 2-1, but as the game wore on into extra-time Spain were the side who threatened most and had three scoring chances in the extra period.

Individually, as you would expect, the numbers were low with Ronaldo leading the way with a +3, with Xavi, Andreas Iniesta, Alvaro Arbeloa and Rui Patricio all +2. Having led Spain through the tournament it was a surprise to see Xavi withdrawn shortly before full-time, whilst as well as Portugal played in pressing Spain high up the field this did impact upon their ability to create; the trio of Raul Meireles, Joao Moutinho and Nani managing just +2 combined when the key to victory was in their ability to put up big numbers.

The individual numbers are as follows (click the image to enlarge):

Spapor_sci_medium Porspa_sci_medium