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Euro 2012: France v Ukraine Scoring Chance Index

A comfortable win that puts France in the driving seat in terms of qualification and means that Ukraine now need to defeat England in the final group game to progress.

Much was expected of Ukraine heading into the game but France dominated in terms fo scoring chances, totalling 14 to Ukraine's 2 (split 7-1 in each half).

The duo of Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery again shone, scoring six and five respectively. Samir Nasri was less influential than against England, still posting a score of three but both Jeremy Menez (four) and Yohan Cabaye were more involved. The late substitution of Devic providede impetus but was something that Ukraine couldn't capitalise upon.

The individual numbers from the game are as follows (click image to enlarge): Ukrainefrance_sci_medium