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Just for Kicks: FIFA 12: A pathetic plea for help

First off, the funniest part about the whole Tevez-in-exile fiasco was this.

Okay, FIFA 12. I can win all the live long day on the semi-pro setting but the professional setting is kicking my backside. Pugsley forgive me for this exercise in self-absorption but I'm calling on the B&B community for assistance. My problems on the professional setting include but are not limited to the following:

1) The other team keeps taking the ball away from my guys. Unfair, right? How come they can dribble around me and I can't dribble around them? And did I mention they keep taking the ball away from my guys?

2) Defense and taking the ball away from the other team is an issue that has nearly caused me to hurl the XBox 360 controller through the screen. I'm trying teammate defending but it's like I'm Wile E. Coyote out there. No fun.

We pause now to consider Samir Nasri's sartorial choices and the blinding of Gael Glichy.

3) How do I beat the goalie in a one-on-one situation? A friend of mine says it's easy but won't tell me because he likes to keep beating me. Did I say my friend is currently missing? I suspect foul play.

4) What is the purpose of the youth academy in career mode? What's the best way to use it? When do we get see the fruits our scouting labor and is it worth the wait?

We pause now for a video that never, ever gets old. Our Mario.

5) So I just got the game last week. Did i really do this not knowing that the game would be obsolete and that right soon? I'm hearing FIFA 13 is coming. So i figure I can trade in my copy of FIFA 12 for a cup of coffee. A small cup at that. Good times.

Consider this a FIFA 12 thread. Share your wins, your losses, your transfer stories, etc.