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2011/12 EPL Standings By Points Conceded

After a short hiatus involving a flat move, 2 weeks without internet and some excellent beach weather I have finally got round to begin a series of posts looking at the underlying statistics of the 2011/12 season. There will be lots of general, league wide data featured over the next two weeks, along with some City related data.

As a rough estimate this may well be part 1 of 20 or so posts that I shall put up. The reader may well not find all the posts interesting, there will be a lot of stats some advanced stuff, some measures that were not in existence before this season. But I think the majority of the posts may well be illuminating, well, here's to hoping!

After the jump we'll take a look at the EPL table and then an alternate look using points conceded as the measure. This basically involves adding the number of points the opposition has taken from from a team(draws and losses)

A League table using the measurement of points conceded is one that I have not seen before and it is a measure I stumbled across whilst researching other topics. In essence an EPL table by points conceded tells us who was the hardest team to beat, who didn't give up points so easily.

2011/12 EPL table

Man City 89 pts

Man Utd 89 pts

Arsenal 70 pts

Spurs 69 pts

Newcastle 65 pts

Chelsea 64 pts

Everton 56 pts

Liverpool 52 pts

Fulham 52 pts

WBA 47 pts

Swansea 47 pts

Norwich 47 pts

Sunderland 45 pts

Stoke 45 pts

Wigan 43 pts

Aston Villa 38 pts

QPR 37 pts

Bolton 36 pts

Blackburn 31 pts

Wolves 25 pts

2011/12 EPL Table By Points Conceded

Italics are points per game conceded

Man City 20 pts 0.52 ppg

Man Utd 20 pts 0.52 ppg

Spurs 36 pts 0.94 ppg

Arsenal 37 pts 0.97 ppg

Chelsea 40 pts 1.05 ppg

Newcastle 41 pts 1.08 ppg

Everton 47 pts 1.23 ppg

Liverpool 52 pts 1.36 ppg

Fulham 52 pts 1.36 ppg

Swansea 56 pts 1.47 ppg

Norwich 56 pts 1.47 ppg

Sunderland 57 pts 1.5 ppg

Stoke 57 pts 1.5 ppg

WBA 59 pts 1.55 ppg

Aston Villa 59 pts 1.55 ppg

Wigan 61 pts 1.60 ppg

QPR 70 pts 1.84 ppg

Bolton 72 pts 1.89 ppg

Blackburn 76 pts 2.00 ppg

Wolves 79 pts 2.07 ppg

We can see some movement here when using this measure.

- Spurs and Chelsea both rise a place

- Stoke rise 1 place

- WBA sink 4 places

The uniformity between points gained and conceded is quite strong, the top six is still the top six, albeit in a changed order. The bottom six is still the bottom six

This measure really just tells us who were the stubborn teams, the best teams are usually the hardest to play against, WBA being the one outer-marker in decline.

We can also work out by a teams points conceded per game what the chance of losing any given game was. Wolves' was a 69 % chance of conceding all 3 points, Man Utd had a 17.3 % chance of conceding all 3 points in any given game.

Points gained/conceded +/-

Man City 89/20 +69

Man Utd 89/20 +69

Arsenal 70/37 +33

Spurs 69/36 +33

Chelsea 64/40 +24

Newcastle 65/41 +24

Everton 56/47 +9

Liverpool 52/52 0

Fulham 52/52 0

Swansea 47/56 -9

Norwich 47/56 -9

Stoke 47/57 -10

Sunderland 45/57 -12

WBA 47/59 -12

Wigan 43/61 -18

Aston Villa 38/59 -21

QPR 37/70 -33

Bolton 36/72 -36

Blackburn 31/76 -45

Wolves 25/79 -54

There are only 7 + teams by this measure in the league, I think that Man Utd's and Man City's dominace this season have skewed this number slightly and created a slightly uneven league in terms of +/- points gained/conceded. I suspect we would see something very similar for La Liga.