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Edin Dzeko Unhappy and Leaving

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Edin Dzeko, the tall Bosnian has come out with his intent on leaving City this transfer window. It comes to no surprise considering he has been seldom used after January where he has had a spot of inconsistency. He has asked his agent to find him a new home.

As I have posted earlier in multiple threads we all pretty much saw this coming. A combination of various events have lead to this point. The fact that he has asked his agent to field calls for his services only cements what was previously just a rumor into reality. The tall striker has been inconsistent, isolated and unhappy for a while. Throw in the facts that his national team coach Safet Susic has called for him to leave City due to lack of playing time, Mancinibacking Balotelli '101%', Carlos Tevez's return from his private golf tour along with his desire to remain at City past this summer and last but not least, Mancini's desire to bring in more strikers this summer only leaves Edin on the fringes of the team.

The Bosnian striker would be an expensive addition to any team. Yet it seems City could potentially have many suitors to deal with as long as they are not too stubborn on the sale price. Edin's market value according to trasnfermarkt is £28 million. City should be looking to unload the striker in the range of £20-£25 million. PSG, AC Milan, Malaga, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have all expressed interest in Dzeko. Out of those 6 teams, Juventus leads the pack. If his price is kept too high Juventus would not hesitate to look elsewhere. Leaving us with speculation once again as to whether he will leave or stay. All of those teams can afford to take on Dzeko's £100k weekly wage. However the transfer price could and has made teams look elsewhere. If City truly believe that Edin has performed sub-par then they should cut their loses and move on.

City at this stage cannot afford to waste money on players who will be sitting on the bench. It is not fair to the team and it isn't fair for the player, especially one of Dzeko's talents.

Even though Juventus is in the driving seat right now for the purchase of the striker, keep on eye on what happens with Borussia, if they let their striker Robert Lewandowski leave to United this summer expect them to look to Dzeko if he has not been sold by then. Bayern might get a surprise call for Mario Gomez from Real Madrid this summer even after his poor finals showing which would let Bayern become another suitor. A swap with AC Milan could happen just not with Mario or Tevez. Malaga are looking to replace van Nistelrooy who just recently retired as they pursue Champions League football after finishing 4th in La Liga. Things change in the summer, teams look elsewhere or they become desperate.

Even after his departure which seems so inevitable it was nice for Edin to play for City. His efforts were just as big of a contribution to the teams League title as any other member of the squad.