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Saturday links: the final day approaches

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The game is almost upon us. Here are your daily links. Enjoy....

  • Yaya Toure hails the 'ubelievable' Roberto Mancini. []
  • Mancini insists the visit of QPR won't be a grudge match between him and Mark Hughes. [Independent]
  • Mancini says City are deserved of the title. [Guardian]
  • Garry Cook is likely to be in attendance at tomorrow's game. [Telegraph]
  • A nice graphic looking at the changing leads between City and United this season. [MEN]
  • Paul Hayward writes that City fans now dare to dream. [Telegraph]
  • Jamie Jackson looks at how City managed to keep a unified and focussed squad. [Guardian]
  • Alan Smith looks at some of the tactical battles. [Telegraph]