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Last day of the season

I wrote a piece for Football Scores about City's ups and downs on the final day of the season since they last won the title:

It is many years now since the old First Division trophy was won at Newcastle; heartbreak and joy has been experienced at the club in equal measure but perhaps none to the extent of what awaits shortly before 5pm this Sunday and it testament to how far the club - and this particular side - has come this past few seasons that they stand here on the cusp of a Premier League title: their fate held firmly in their own hands.

Legends live long and City's history is awash with tales of Bell, Lee and Summerbee. Can the likes of Hart, Kompany, Yaya Toure, Silva et al emulate their predecessors and etch their own names into immortality?

Destiny awaits.

Do check the piece out - even if it is just for the YouTube footage.