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Monday links: It's Derby day

'Unmissable'; the 'mother of all derbies'. Just two of the labels attached to tonight's Manchester derby that could well decide the destination of the 2011/12 Premier League season.

As you can imagine, the weekend has seen plenty written in advance of the game. Here are your links to some of the best:

  • Roberto Mancini still feels that United are favourites, even if City win tonight. [MEN]
  • Sir Alex Ferguson is expecting a 'shoot out'. [Guardian]
  • Michael Cox thinks City's midfield may have the edge. [Guardian]
  • Stuart Brennan interviews Carlos Tevez. [MEN]
  • Daniel Taylor reflects on how there is no so much more than local pride at take. [Guardian]
  • Mike Hammond looks at parallels between 1968 and 2012. [In Bed with Maradona]
  • Jamie Jackson has a nice interview with Vincent Kompany ahead of the game. [Guardian]
  • Ian Herbert with an excellent profile of Roberto Mancini. [Independent]
  • Louise Taylor profiles Carlos Tevez. [Guardian]
  • Phil McNulty looks ahead to the game. [BBC Sport]
  • Alistair Magowan digs into the key batles. [BBC Sport]
  • Gary Neville predicts that the outcome of the game could have a long term impact. [Mail]
  • My look at the goalscoring numbers. [EPL Index]
  • And my interview with R_o_M. [R_o_M]
  • Shuddertothink takes a closer look at United's away form this season. [Bitter and Blue]
  • And also looks behind City's home record. [Bitter and Blue]
  • Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko are all converting clear cut chances at a high rate. [EPL Index]