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Thursday links: recap on the win over West Brom

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Apologies that it's a little late but here's a round-up of some the coverage from the victory over West Brom that saw hope restored to City's title bid:

  • Reaction from the official site. []
  • Jamie Jackson's match report. [Guardian]
  • Chris Bascombe's match report. [Telegraph]
  • Stuart Brennan's match report . [MEN]
  • A look at Carlos Tevez's role in the victory. [Stat Zone]
  • A look at the influential players from both sides. [Stat Zone]
  • Tim Rich writes on what might have been for City and Carlos Tevez. [Independent]
  • Mind games or pragmatism from Roberto Mancini as he writes off City's hopes? [Guardian]
  • View From a Blue speculates whether the title race is back on. [View From a Blue]
  • Jamie Jackson's ten title race pointers. [Guardian]
  • Euro Club Index still only hve City with a 1% chance of lifting the title. [EuroClubIndex]