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Goals scored vs Game winners

I'm looking into some numbers at the moment for a more detailed piece but I thought it worth posting up a breakdown of City's goals scored in comparison to their game winning goals.

Game winning goals are essentially the goal in a game that last gives a side the lead. For example, if a game that is 1-1 ends up with City winning 2-1, then the second City goal is the game winner. However, if City lead 3-0 but the game ends 3-2, the game winning goal is City's first given that is the last goal scored that gives a side the lead.

Interestingly, whilst the majority of City's goals are scored in the second half (48-23) there are a higher number of game winners in the first half (13-9).

The graphics below are a breakdown looking at the breakdown between home and away and also a split between overall and game winning goals:




I'll have a more detailed post up shortly so watch this space.