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Sunderland 1-0 City: Scoring Chances

Plenty of chances but frustration as City slip to defeat.

Stu Forster

A common theme for the season as City dominated the scoring chances 11-4 (4-1 in the first half and 7-3 after the break), with the final 15 minutes seeing edge it 4-2 as they desperately tried to claw something back from the game.

The individual numbers: one player dominated with Sergio Aguero a +6, including a +5 rating with City a goal down. David Silva was a +4 and Yaya Toure a +3 but it was sparse elsewhere with Carlos Tevez only a +1 and James Milner unable to influence the game with just a +1 rating.

There was just the one mistake on a scoring chance, but as we know this was on Joe Hart when Adam Johnson's shot beat his left hand.

The full numbers:


For the season as a whole, City now outchance their opponents 199-80 a the halfway point. This works out at 10.47-4.21 per game with City taking 5.85 chances per goal and conceding 5.00 chances for each goal that beats Joe Hart: