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Newcastle 1-3 City: Scoring chances

A little late, but a brief recap at the scoring chances from the Newcastle game.

Stu Forster

Very much a game of two halves in terms of scoring chances; although City out-chanced Newcastle 9-8 overall they dominated the first half 6-2 but Newcastle themselves had the upper hand 6-3 after the break.

There was one dominant player from the game: Sergio Aguero, who led with a +4 rating and an impressive 11.11 chances per 100 touches, closely followed by Carlos Tevez and David Silva with +3 ratings.

Interestingly, there were a number of minus ratings throughout the game with three of the four defensive starters contributing errors.

For the season, City now outchance opponents 177-74, an average of 10.41/4.35 per game and means that City are requiring 5.36 chances per goal and concede 4.03 chances per goal.

Anyway, onto the individual ratings: