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What now for City?

Are City suffering a kind of Superbowl winners hangover?

Laurence Griffiths

My monthly piece for Football Scores looks at where City go after a derby defeat that sees them fall six points United:

For City though, whilst unbeaten in the Premier League before Sunday, they have yet to reach anything like top gear. In the NFL, Superbowl winners are notorious for posting disappointing seasons following their success; a more motivated opposition of course, but the suspicion that a ‘hangover' permeates the champions' play - both in terms of a continuing thirst but also of the required singular focus to come back again for more. The exertions of the previous season means a lack of freshness and zip permeate their play; their form labouring and the squad suffering from injury. It is to be hoped that City's exit from the Champions League may at least provide some comfort in this regard.

The full article can be found here.