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City v United: Scoring Chances

A closer look at City's scoring chances in the derby defeat.

Laurence Griffiths

City actually dominated the scoring chance totals by 12-4; 3-2 first half and an amazing 9-2 second half when City were chasing their way back into the game.

City now lead opponents 169-66 for the season, an average of 10.56 for and 4.20 against. However, conceding three goals on just four scoring chances means that City are now conceding a goal every 4.71 scoring chances and themselves taking 5.82 scoring chances per goal.

Individually there were two standouts: David Silva and Carlos Tevez, both at a +5 rating; Tevez's achieved in just 38 minutes and 38 touches after replacing Mario Balotelli (himself a +2) and Tevez achieved a +4 rating with City at a -2 game state (Silva as a +2). Outside of these two only Samir Nasri (+3), Sergio Aguero (+2) and of course Balotelli were higher than a +1 score.

The full individual breakdown (click to enlarge):


And the season totals (click to enlarge):