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The Day After

Links to a Painful Afternoon

At what point did the fan know he was in real trouble?
At what point did the fan know he was in real trouble?
Clive Mason
According to Mancini, via the Manchster Evening News, Samir should have put his body on the line to block that kick. Harsh, if you ask me. Next, we have photographic evidence of Mario Balotelli's camoflage Bentley surrounded by angry fans. According to Yahoo, they were City fans upset with his performance but the Mail has a different take. (Daily Mail) Wait--Mario has a camoflage Bentley? Moving on, Mancini might or might not be at his wits end with Mario. Hard to tell from the quotes. (The Score) And more from Mancini--apparently, Tevez leaving the wall was not Roberto's idea. Additionally, Nasri isn't endearing himself to his manager. (Sun link so take with considerable grain of salt) Paddy Cerand is right and I once again throw up in my mouth. Cerand took umbrage to the weasly use of the passive voice that can justify damn near anything under the sun. I hate agreeing with Scott the Red but I have to here. If I were in Paddy's shoes, I might've walked off the set way before the justifications of "we're just doing our job" set in. "Some" people say BBC 5 is filled with devil worshippers but let's ask them just to be sure. Finally, the Man City fan who ran on to the field apologized profusely.