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Wigan 0-2 City: Scoring Chances

City rallied over the final third of the game to take the points

Michael Steele

The scoring chances reflected the pattern of the game; 3-3 at half-time before Wigan went ahead 6-4 on the hour mark only for City to rally late over the final half an hour to come out on top 10-6.

This followed the pattern of the season with the totals 151-59 in City's favour, an average of 10.78-4.21 so far. The average required to score a goal is 5.21 whilst City are allowing 6.55 scoring chances per goal conceded.

As for the game itself, Mario Balotelli led the way with a +4 rating, with David Silva (+3) maintaining his recent form. Maicon too was heavily involved from an attacking perspective, whilst Milner's presence from the bench was apparent:


For the season as a whole, Carlos Tevez remains out in front but David Silva's recent form has seen him edge up to second place. Interestingly though, Tevez has had 71.42% of his scoring chances when City are either level or a goal down whilst Tevez, Silva and Sergio Aguero all lead with six goals when City are trailing in games: