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Chelsea v City Scoring Chances

A goalless draw perhaps no surprise given the lack of scoring chances on Sunday

Julian Finney

After a flurry of scoring chances the week before in the 5-0 victory over Aston Villa it as somewhat of a struggle for both sides on Sunday, although City held the advantage; out-chancing Chelsea 8-3 overall with the half splits being 5-1 and 3-2 in City's favour.

This has resulted in the season rolling total being 141-53 through 13 games, an average of 10.84-4.07. During this period City have scored 25 (ranked joint second) and conceded 10 (ranked first), meaning that City are requiring 5.64 for each goal scored and allow 5.30 per each goal conceded.

Unfortunately, we don't have a data across the Premier League but it is interesting that the numbers are so similar and it would be interesting to see how these ranked alongside the various recorded shot totals.

As for the game itself, it is no surprise that the numbers were low with James Milner leading with a +3 rating. Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Pablo Zabaleta and Matija Nastasic were the only other players with more than a +1 rating. There were no error ratings recorded and the only defensive plus was a Joe Hart save.

The individual totals are as follows (click to enlarge):


And the season totals which show a congested pack behind Carlos Tevez (click to enlarge):