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City v Villa Scoring Chances

A look at how City dominated Saturday's game

Alex Livesey

The most comprehensive victory of the season and perhaps - aided by a couple of favourable decisions - the most dominant too.

Certainly in terms of scoring chances it was a completely one-sided affair with City enjoying a huge advantage of 18-2 overall. They now also hold a season advantage of 136-50.

Interestingly, the splits between the two halves were evenly split; 9-1 in each, despite scoring four of their five goals after the break. Could this have signalled a return to a far higher shot conversion figure? It is certainly what both shuddertothink and myself have been saying for some time.

What was apparent from the numbers is that despite racking up the goals in the second half, City didn't take their foot of the gas. Even at 5-0 they created a number of scoring chances as evidence of last years dominant displays began to be witnessed.

There were two key contributors in the win: Carlos Tevez and Samir Nasri. Tevez got a couple of welcome goals but his +9 mark is evidence of his continued involvement in City's scoring opportunities even though he has not been in the goals himself. Nasri too was again involved (with a +5 rating) and the overall numbers comparison for the season between him and David Silva are strikingly similar, but with Nasri continuing to hold the edge.

The individual numbers are as follows (click to enlarge):


And the rolling season numbers (click to enlarge):