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Mancini's Friday Press Conference

The weekly press conference from Roberto Mancini, or is it?

  • There is no truth in the rumours regarding City moving for Luis Suarez. Although he rates him as a player he doesn't feel City need him given their four strikers they already have and that he is not looking to strengthen in Janury.
  • Mario Balotelli as left out last week as he 'didn't work well' and that other players had worked better. It was not a punishment for him and he denied Balotelli has any special treatment within the squad.
  • There are no concerns regarding Joe Hart after his midweek mistake for England, saying hat all goalkeepers are strong....and a little strange.
  • He wouldn't be drawn as to whether Edin Dzeko is more effective from the bench but did say that he will get his chance over the course of the season and interestingly that he does feel he strikers are down around six goals this season so far from where they should be.
  • Jack Rodwell is in full training but not fit to play and Gael Clichy will undergo a late fitness test ahead of the game.