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West Brom v City Scoring Chances

A look back at City's scoring chances from the 2-1 win against West Brom.

Matthew Lewis

Despite the nature in which the win came about, this as no smash and grab. Even allowing for having played for over an hour with ten men, City were the more dominant side, winning all of the key statistical categories.

As for the scoring chances, City outchanced West Brom 14-4, including being up 6-0 at the half and notching ten scoring chances before West Brom managed their first (ironically the goal from Shane Long).

  • All of the strikers fared well; Mario Balotelli looking the most creative in the first half and Carlos Tevez, struggling for a goal, but leading the way with a +5 rating.
  • I tweeted at the time of his introduction that Edin Dzeko doesn't need too many minutes or touches to be involved and so it proved. A +3 rating in little over seven minutes, which resulted in two goals (and five shots on goal). Fellow substitute Sergio Aguero also had a +2 rating in his short time on the pitch and of course laid on the ball for Dzeko's winner.
  • I wrote following the Sunderland game that Micah Richard's numbers after his first game of the season would come crashing back down but he was once again heavily involved from an attacking sense.
  • A couple of negatives: Samir Nasri was a +3, but these resulted primarily from set piece deliveries and Joleon Lescott posted a -3 rating for errors which led to three scoring chances; his sketchy form showing no sign of turning round.

Here are the numbers from the game and below them the season running totals (click to enlarge the images):