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A quick look at predicting games

A new tool is available to assist you in accurately determining the outcome of games.

Before we move onto the international week, we take a final look back at the win over Sunderland to look at a useful tool to assist in predicting the outcome of games.

BETEGY is an online service that provides football predictions by analysing statistical data and the latest news in order to calculate the best odds for users to assist them in betting on games. It uses its unique, self-learning algorithm to process and evaluate a variety of relevant statistical indicators such as results of previous matches, current league positions and goals scored.

BETEGY covers the five most popular European football leagues: England's Premier League, Germany's Bundesliga, La Liga in Spain, Italy's Lega Serie A, and Ligue 1 in France and states they have an 80% probability of success.

So how did they do when put to the test? Looking back at the Sunderland game the predicted most likely scoreline was 2-1, a not inconceivable one given City's inability to keep clean sheets, although when you dug a little deeper it did offer a 30% possibility that Sunderland would fail to score. But for Milner's goal in stoppage time, their prediction showing City had a 33% chance of scoring two goals also looked solid.

The site is interactive too, with plenty of graphs and illustrations to enhance their data input, with links too to the clubs Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Premier League site and they have their own frequently updated blog.

They also provide guidance on three categories: extreme, recommended and a double bet, providing advice on the most likely scenarios as determined by their algorithm and for those inclined to bet, they have links with a number of betting outlets and one click takes you directly to whichever site you choose.