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2012/13 Numbers Review

PDO, Save % and Scoring %

Top 20 Goalscorers In The Premier league 12/13

In today's article I want to look at the top 20 goalscorers in the Premier League. It would be too simple to merely list goals scored and have done with it, so I have added some twists and turns to freshen it up!

Rear View Mirror: Man City's League Form in 12/13

It's always fun to look back. Things seem so much clearer and easier to analyse, the emotion has settled and a cold evaluation of facts can be undertaken. This piece will be focused heavily on Man City's 2012/13 Premier league campaign.

Shots On Target: A Review Of The 2012/13 PL Data

All things shots on target, including ratios and home and away splits

Shots: A Review of the 2012/13 PL Data

All things shots. For and against. Total and Efficiencies.

Direction Of Attacks For And Against in 2012/13

If you have the time, and look in the right places, there is an awful lot of pretty cool publicly available data on the Premier League. Quit frankly there is so much information that it is impossible to post it all. Today I want to look at a stat that you may not have sen too much of before: Direction Of Attacks

Man City: Player Usage Chart

Which Man City players have made the most starts and played the most minutes in the 2012/13 Premier League, and can that information tell us who may be part of the future and who may not?

Injury In The Premier League

Injuries: Which team suffered the most of them, what is the league average and are players more likely to be injured in certain months of the season? These are the questions I shall attempt to answer. The Premier League nor the individual clubs publish this data, so I thought someone needed to take a look at it.....

The PL 2012/13: Margin Of Victory/Margin Of Defeat

We continue apace........

The 2012/13 Premier League Table

The 2012/13 Premier League season is in the books. It's over, and for City at least, the season lay somewhere between underwhelming and a step backward. Now that this season is over and can, given time, be forgotten it's time for me to break the season into a hundred tiny pieces and anayse it. This is the first post. There will be more. A lot more.