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2012/13 Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts: A look ahead to CSKA

Five Thoughts: Who's Better? We Are

Blueboys Batter the Rags and there's Good Reason for it--We Really Are Better

Five Thoughts

Brilliant Blue, A Damper, Schadenfreude United and Poll!

Five Thoughts: NSFW, MOM's, Man U Annoys, Poll!

A Word from Winston, MOM's galore, Annoying Man U fans and Poll!

Five Thoughts: Tough Queries for a Team in Trouble

Five Difficult Questions

Five Thoughts: We're Playing For Second Now, Folks

Missing YaYa, Missing Midfield, Missing 3 points and Playing for 2nd place.

Fve Thoughts: Zaba-daba-do, Funny Thread & Poll!

Zaba-daba-do! Silva is Golden! Funny Game Threads! And Poll!

Five Thoughts: No Ya-Ya, no problem? Hmmm...

Better without YaYa, Gollum, and Poll! (Wait--Gollum?)

Bye-bye 1975, Hello MD's, Replay and Poll!

Bye-bye 1975, Hello MD's, Replay and Poll!

City 3-0 Stoke: Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts: Norwich City 3-4 Manchester City

Sensational Sergio, Senseless Nasri, Replay, Diving and Poll

Pretty goals, Ugly Defense, Uglier Injuries, Poll

The Pretty Offense, the Not-So-Pretty Defense and Injuries that are starting to look Ugly. And a poll.

Five Thoughts: Coins, Dives, Balo, Replay, Poll

Coins, Dives, Balo is Crapo, Replay and a Poll

Five Thoughts = Five Worries

Our Offense, Our Defense, Our Dzeko

Wigan 0-2 City: Five Thoughts

I'm standing in for sufferingbruin for today's Five Thoughts as we take a look back at some of the key points from last night's win at Wigan.

Mancini Trouble, YaYa's Overuse, 3-5-2 and Poll!

Mancini's in "T", YaYa on "E" and The Best Game Thread in B&B History

Tevez, Replay (again!), and not One but Two Polls!

Tevez, Clean Sheets That Arent' So Clean and Replay (again!)

Five Thoughts: Silva, Dzeko & Replay

Silva be Good, Dzeko Again, Maicon, and Damn Right We're Gonna Talk Replay

Five Thoughts: "This is a sport for Euros"

"This is a Sport for Euros."

Kissing Sis

Remember the saying a tie is like kissing your sister? This was worse.

Five Thoughts: How to Read a Bad Book

Finishing a Bad Book

Five Thoughts: Five Stages of Grief

Because we need them

Five Thoughts: WBA 1-2 Manchester City

Lipstick on a Pig but a Pretty Pig it turned out to be.

Five Thoughts: That's More Like It!

Everybody Gets a Hug... well, almost everybody.

Five Thoughts: Luck of a Draw

Beyond Hart, Not Much

Real Madrid 3-2 City: Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts: Liverpool 2-2 City

Match report on Liverpool 2-2 Manchester CIty...

Five Thoughts: City 3-2 Southampton, Premier League 19/8/12

Match report of Manchester City versus Southampton at the Etihad stadium on Sunday 19th August 2012

Five Thoughts: City vs Chelsea, Community Shield 2012/13

Reflections on Manchester City's Community Shield victory vs Chelsea at Villa Park yesterday.