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Kompany handed the armband

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Per Daniel Taylor in The Guardian:

Tevez has been deemed fit to start his first match of the season when City host Wigan Athletic on Saturday but the Argentinian was told earlier this week that the defender Vincent Kompany will continue in the role he has filled for the last three games.

"The reasons are simple," said City's manager, Roberto Mancini. "Carlos wanted to leave for family reasons. I respected his opinion but Carlos is still here because we didn't find a solution for him. He's a fantastic player for us, someone who can score 20 goals a season, but I decided in the summer that Vinnie was the captain."

 The decision to hand the armband to Tevez in the first place was a contentious one (taking the armband from Kolo Toure in the process), although the reasons for doing so were understandable in trying to acclimate and integrate Tevez further into the squad, but also bestowing a level of responsibility on him that would see him thrive both as a player and team-mate.

In this poll on the blog earlier in the summer the overwhelming choice was for Kompany to be named captain and whilst there were plenty of options for Mancini back in the summer of 2010 when he appointed Tevez (de Jong, Barry, Yaya Toure and Kompany himself), the performance of Kompany - both on and off the pitch - elevated himself above other candidates with his spell with the armband towards the end of last season providing the ultimate confirmation.