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City 2-3 United in Community Shield Match: Post-Game Reaction

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Call it a glorified friendly or pre-season match, but the loss to bitter rivals United doesn't hurt any less. City lost the game on an extra time defensive Vincent Kompany blunder, of all people, in a stagnant second half performance.   

Despite having the lower share of ball possession in the first half, City managed to put two goals past new United acquisition, David de Gea.  Dzeko's cracker of a goal from way out was cooly put past the young keeper who reacted in a sluggish manner probably being caught by surprise.  

David Silva's performance in the second half was lack luster and the entire midfield seemed to lack initiative and a zest for the game.  United's athleticism proved too much as they clawed back two goals and Nani cooly put it past Hart in extra time, due to a defensive blunder from captain Kompany.