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Tuesday links: Aguero makes his mark

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  • Chris Bailey's match report on the official site: []
  • Game highlights: []
  • Daniel Taylor says Aguero has sent the Premier League a warning with his double: []
  • Roberto Mancini was 'delighted' with the opening day win: []
  • Stuart Brennan feels that Sergio Aguero brings necessary guile to the side: [MEN]
  • An 'electric' Aguero makes his mark, writes Ian Herbet: [Independent]
  • Aguero reveals he was 'very happy' with his performance: []
  • Match report from the victory: [Bitter and Blue]
  • 5 Thoughts from last nights win: [Bitter and Blue]
  • My look at Yaya Toure's importance in the victory over Swansea: [EPL Index]