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L.A. Galaxy vs. Manchester City Halftime Review

This will be a quick review of the first half of the L.A. Galaxy vs. Manchester City game which is still going on right now in Carson, CA. 

City is fielding a 4-4-2 formation which began with Balo and Dzeko up front. 

This was Silva's first game during the North America Tour. 

The score has been 1-0 due to a late tackle on Micah Richards in the 19th minute. 

So far the defense has looked solid, closing down the wings and not allowing Galaxy any space to make a play. 

David Silva showed his precision on two separate strikes, one which bypassed the post and the other deflected by the keeper. 

Super Mario had another chance to move the score up 2-0 when him and Dzeko broke through the lines and we're 2 on 1 with the goal keeper, instead Balo decided to try a fancy move which clearly irked Mancini and Dzeko. 

After the incident Mancini pulled Balo in the 30th minute and replaced him with Milner.

The style of play seems to have slowed down quite a bit since David has replaced Yaya, there seems to be zero offensive consistency.

More to come after the game!