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Transfer news: where we're at

Based on recent comments from the boss it seems clear that Sneijder isn't coming. 

Nasri will hopefully sign shortly, as will Aguero, and we're obviously bidding for Lukaku too. And maybe Naymar although god help us if we add his ego to the pot. 

It seems Mancini has no intention of buying Sneijder for the Yaya Toure role. His preferred formation is 4-2-3-1. That calls for width, pace and movement (Nasri and Silva with AJ rotating in) married with a dynamic central force (Yaya) playing behind a single, false 9, striker - Tevez or Aguero. If we bought Sneijder that would require shifting Yaya into the role he played for Barca. I think in his current (advanced) role he's become too valuable for that. He's now an almost unique player in world football. I don't think Sneijder is an upgrade and Mancini would seem to agree.

Tevez will likely be with the club at least until the January transfer period and possibly, hopefully, for the rest of the season. Neither Balotelli nor Dzeko would be considered first, second, or third choice strikers at this point in their development or based on performances to date.

Mancini seems happy with three players rotating in the double pivot role (Barry, Milner, De Jong) although I still expect someone like Di Rossi to join and provide cover/experience, replacing Vieira.

The boss has made his decision at left back, a decision I'm surprised with. I wouldn't be surprised to see a veteran center back come in. Savic is one for the future, not for a key Premier League game when Mancini needs to make changes after a tough away-day in the Champions League when our first choice pair are carrying injuries.

Weiss might stay with the club this season but is much more likely to spend another season on loan. A pre-season tour against US opposition is not the time or place to judge talent.

We're getting close to the wire now. Interesting times!