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The Good... Jul 15th

Hello everybody, hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekend. I found myself with 2 spare hours before I begin organizing my weekend house party so I thought to myself why not write something. 

Lets get down to business shall we? 

So far we have had a good transfer period. Quiet, yet remarkably we have been mentioned in some of the biggest rumors such as Nasri, Sanchez, Aguiero, Modric, Eto'o, along with others. This to me is an indication of the disregarded power Manchester City holds. It reminds me of Chelsea years back before they had won anything. Everyone seemed to write them off, part envy and part ignorance. Football changes from generation to generation. Thankfully I am around for this cycle to kick in. 

I will start with the annoying this time around. 

The Good: City have spent approximately £17 million so far in the transfers, throw in Boateng's soon to be exit and we should be almost even, add the Tevez sale which will be anywhere from £40 to £45 million and we are in the black. Adebayor will be leaving so there is the sale for him which will be sold to Real Madrid as he is keen to see his career out in Spain and possibly another player and we could be seeing two high profile players coming to City.

One will be either Aguiero or Thomas Muller and the other could possibly be Nasri from Arsenal. Granted I did simple math for this so there could be some mistakes and we could already be in the black. However I think the point is clear. We aren't spending more then we have and we are staying within out budget by buying cheap players for depth such as Clichy and Savic who could stir up the ranks, especially Savic. This in result gives us space to go out and purchase players who can make an instant impact such as Nasri, Muller or Aguiero. 

The Dreadful: I am excited for the day Tevez will be sold, however I am dreading the fact that Real Madrid right now offer the most bang for the buck for Tevez. This is the same team and same league that made Adebayor look like a good player worth £15 not £7 million. If Tevez moves to Real Madrid he will be the answer Mourinho has been looking for the question that is Messi. A satisfied Tevez is as dangerous as an every day Messi. Carlos will tear up the league and if people thought Christiano Ronaldo's goal rampage was impressive they will have to buy a device to hold their jaws together. His skill is undoubted, It's his attitude that sucks. 

The Annoying: I like to read comments on different sports sites I visit for my information. Most of the articles involving Manchester City have users who have an ulterior motive it seems for bashing City. The hate is so thick that on most articles involving City you can't go past the first 5 comments without seeing a user post a comment about how City 'bought' their way to a trophy and that one trophy in the past 35 years doesn't mean anything. When I saw these same users post in '09 I was frustrated and then I pitied them and now they are just down right annoying. Chelsea got their own share of hate during their spending spree and seems that we are the new 'Chelsea'. People love to hate on City for whatever reason. I wonder if this spite and envy would stop after we win the EPL crown in the future. 

Another thing that has been bugging me is this so called ''fair play'' rule being instituted. My primary annoyance with this is that it is anything BUT 'fair play'. A healthy market will allow small teams who have big pockets to spend more, this new system will prevent that. It will put an artificial cap on the natural flow of football. This will ensure that United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and possibly City will always stay on the top half of the table. It will be extremely difficult for smaller market teams to move up unless they land upon a once in a blue moon player such as Maradona or Messi. 

We have already seen the kickback from these rules. Arsenal and other clubs are trying to stop our new stadium sponsorship from Etihad due to their allegations of trying to artificially inflate our actual revenue. For those of you who watch American Baseball, this is that comparison. A small market team within the MLB never wins, the Yankees are known around the world mainly because they have been on top of the baseball world for 35+ years. Is that what we want for the EPL? I personally would not appreciate any attempt to keep down smaller teams. If someone can outspend you because their team got lucky with a rich owner then I say tough luck, see you in 20-30 years. 

I may be completely wrong but from the rule itself and from articles concerning this new implementation is anything but 'fair play'.

I had to cut it short a bit. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

For those of you in the U.S. check out the Manchester City website to see if they will be touring near you!