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Vieira takes up new role

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As has been widely reported today, Patrick Vieira has been appointed to the newly created position of Football Development Executive at the club.

The move - which had been rumoured for some time - sees Vieira retire from the game and assume responsibility for a wide number of areas, ranging from the clubs social responsibility programme to working with commercial partners but also - and crucially - remaining involved on the playing side with the development of youth players at the club.

Although Vieira's skills were in decline when Roberto Mancini landed him around eighteen months ago, his influence should not be viewed solely on the pitch where his appearances were largely restricted to the final stages of a game - although his introduction at home to Tottenham was crucial in changing the tone of a game that was crucial to Champions League qualification.

Vieira's influence has been cited by many players at the club as an example of how to approach the game and conduct yourself, none moreso than Micah Richards who has turned his game around the past twelve months and credits Vieira as a reason for this. 

Vieira talks about his new role in this interview on