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Thoughts on the Tevez interview

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The News of The World had promised that their exclusive one on one interview between Carlos Tevez and chief football correspondent Neil Ashton would be an 'explosive' one.

Less explosive, more of a damp squib.

After having all of a week of what in fact was virtually no City-related news whatsoever there was a drip feed of Tevez comments on Saturday (the lead one of course his comments about Manchester which sent all manner of people into a tizz) ahead of the News of The World interview (subscription required) in todays (Sunday) paper.

Reading through the piece though, it doesn't tell us much that we didn't already know, or at least suspect; and left us none the wiser (quite intentionally on Tevez's part I suspect) as to his future intentions.

In summary:

  • Tevez was offered a new deal (reported elsewhere - not in this piece - to be c£250,000 per week) at the end of the season but he doesn't know if he will accept it.
  • He stayed in December because of his 'relationship with the supporters', saying "...the fans always tell me to stay. I have no problem with them - they are always very respectful."
  • He has no regrets about handing in the transfer request, a situation created by some people on the board and that will never speak to 'these people' again: clearly a shot across the bows of Garry Cook as he also stated he now only deals 'directly with Sheikh Mansour'.
  • Sheikh Mansour has told Tevez that he if wants to leave, he can.
  • The relationship with Roberto Mancini is a 'professional one', stating that although there are clashes at times he does call him a "great manager". Interestingly though, he does suggest that Mancini may cultivate an air of tension within the squad as a means of motivation, possibly to sharpen and focus minds.


Without a World Cup or European Championship this summer - and with England's final fixture of the season now out of the way - the fear is that with column inches to fill and with Tevez's name guaranteed to sell - that this becomes the summers protracted and tedious news story.

From the interview it is not clear whether Tevez wants to stay at the club, a question I'm certain Tevez and his advisors were keen to avoid providing clarification on. I have long argued that in City's favour is that Tevez is unlikely to find many other situations quite as good as the one he finds himself in.

I am sympathetic with the issue of his family but in terms of a professional challenge (especially now Champions League football has being secured), the financial rewards and importantly the status he is afforded at the club - having his ego as much as his wallet indulged in equal measure. Take all of these into consideration and scour for potential alternatives you won't get past one hand; even then there is no guarantee that Tevez will be courted by these clubs.

For me is it likely that he will be at the club next season. Of course this is merely conjecture but I do feel his loss would be such that it will be almost impossible to fill. Given both his attitude and his actions he is unlikely to find himself cast in the same light as a Vincent Kompany or Nigel de Jong in the hearts and minds of fans, but should he stay, Tevez will be more than merely tolerated though, despite this disconnect.

Player power (and their worth) is such that they are tolerated providing their on-pitch contribution outweighs their off-pitch behaviour - something that even Tevez's biggest detractors have to concede he is managing to achieve.