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2010/11 stat hit: goals

The second in these series of quick hit stat posts looking back at the 2010/11 season (the previous was a look at records) is goals:

Goals for: 60/1.57 PG (ranked 4th)

Goals against: 33/0.86 PG (=1st)

Scored first in games: 25/65.7% (2nd)

When scoring first: W20 D3 L2 - Pts 63/2.52 PPG (4th)

Conceded first in games: 9/23.6% (2nd)

When conceding first: W1 D1 L7 - Pts 4/0.44 PPG (13th)

Failing to score in games: 9/23.6% (=9th)

When failing to score: W0 D4 L5 - Pts 4/0.44 PPG (5th)

When scoring >1 goal: W15 D1 L0 - Pts 46/2.87 PPG (1st)

When scoring <2 goals: W6 D7 L9 - Pts 25/1.13 PPG (2nd)

When conceding >1 goal: W2 D1 L7 - Pts 7/0.70 PPG (6th)

When conceding <2 goals: W19 D7 L2 - Pts 64/2.24 PPG (4th)

Clean sheets: 18/47.3% (1st)

When keeping a clean sheet: W14 D4 L0 - Pts 46/2.55 PPG (1st)