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Toure suspended six months

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Per the official site:

Manchester City Football Club an confirm that Kolo Toure has today been suspended from all football activity for a period of 6 months with effect from 2nd March 2011 (the date of the start of his provisional suspension).

He will, therefore, be able to join his colleagues in the first team squad from 2 September.

A six-month ban was about in line with the expectations and it will - taking into account the games missed so far - equate to around 20 or so games. However, not being able to train with the squad means there will be very little chance of Toure coming straight back into action after September 2nd.

It does puzzle me though as to why suspensions are handed out in months, not games, which means you have a situation like this where Toure effectively serves half of his ban whilst no football is being played. Surely it is more logical to have a system where a prescribed list of prohibitive substances equates to a set number of games?

Toure himself spoke following the judgement:

"This has been a difficult period for me and I am sad to have missed the team's triumph of securing Champions League football and also the FA Cup victory at Wembley.

"But I am relieved that I will be able to return to football in September and thank the FA's commission for their understanding about my case in coming to their decision." 

Although he ultimately won't miss too many games, he is faced with the fact that he has missed the FA Cup win, the run in for qualification for the Champions League and saw Joleon Lescott emerge to be in box seat for the position alongside Vincent Kompany.

With rumours of Roberto Mancini adding further reinforcements in the defensive ranks, it looks to be a tough road back for Toure.