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Wednesday links: Tottenham recap

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A quick look around at some of the reaction to last night's victory over Tottenham, a result that assured City of Champions league qualification:

  • SBNation's Tottenham blog, Cartilage Free Captain, dissects the defeat. [CFC]
  • After achieving their target, Roberto Mancini believes City can now go on to rank amongst the greats in European football. [The Telegraph]
  • In the wake of the defeat, Harry Redknapp declared that City are 'still not better than us'. [The Telegraph]
  • Roberto Mancini has now challenged the side to make up the two point gap on Arsenal and snatched third spot. [MEN]
  • Stuart Brennan now thinks it is time for Roberto Mancini to let his side 'off the leash'. [MEN]
  • The victory has ignited transfer talk, with suggestions that Roberto Mancini wants to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovich this summer. [The Telegraph]
  • Or how about Cesc Fabregas? []
  • And finally, a message to 'all those who care'.... [downthekippaxsteps]