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Given a possibility

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From The Independent, a clearly unhappy Roberto Mancini post game:

The Italian also did not rule out dropping the England goalkeeper Joe Hart after another uncertain performance. Asked whether he might re-think his choice of No 1, he said: "Anything is possible".    

It was certainly as critical as Mancini has been following a game,  by product perhaps of some so-so displays of late and whether it was merely a reaction in the aftermath of dropped points, but there is the possibility that Joe Hart could be taken out of the side.

Certainly, his form has not been of that earlier in the season. Gone is the confidence and command of the area, the swagger that instilled confidence. At present there is hesitancy and this is leading to errors in defence that were unthinkable a couple of months ago,

With Given on the books you at least have the luxury of a quality replacement - it isn't gambling on a Stuart Taylor as an alternative, and it is true that Hart has played more games than anticipated (Given only two games by my recollection).

It was the correct decision to go with Hart at the beginning of the season but you do wonder if it is time to give Given a shot. The difficulty is though if Given performs you ignite something of  goalkeeping controversy (not too disimilar to a quarterback controversy in the NFL) and could damage Hart (who is the future) over the long term.

Mancini though appears to be in no mood for sentiment.