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The 100 club

In the wake of Carlos Tevez reaching the landmark of 50 career goals for City, I took a look at how he ranked in terms of being the fastest player to achieve this feat.

Tevez of course was the second fastest, taking 73 games in comparison to Derek Kevan who achieved it in 64 games. 

Now, thoughts turn to the next landmark: the century. Historically, there have been fifteen players who have achieved this.

The list of centurions is as follows:

Eric Brook 178

Tommy Johnson 166

Colin Bell 153

Joe Hayes 152

Billy Meredith 151

Francis Lee 148

Tommy Browell 139

Billy Gillespie 132

Fred Tilson 132

Eric Roberts 130

Horace Barnes 125

Alec Herd 132

Dennis Tueart 109

Neil Young 108

Shaun Goater 103

And if he can join the list, the question will be whether Tevez (should he reach his ton) will be the quickest to do this, with the 100 club achieving their century in the following games:

Billy Gillespie 171

Tommy Browell 183

Eric Roberts 187

Horace Barnes 188

Fred Tilson 197

Shaun Goater 206

Joe Hayes 211

Alec Heard 215

Francis Lee 217

Billy Meredith 222

Tommy Johnson 236

Dennis Tueart 237

Colin Bell 273

Eric Brook 297

Neil Young 367

Having taken 73 games to hit 50, Tevez would need hit a second 50 in 97 games to break Gillespie's record - a very achievable feat you have to say. In fact, given the impressive way he has reached 50 in such quick time the only way he doesn't become the quickest to 100 is if he leaves the club before achieving it.