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United player ratings

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Hart - Little chance with either goal. Made the routine saves comfortably and was positive in terms of command of the area and distribution. 6.5

Richards - Continued his recent bright form. Caught a couple of times by Giggs but won the majority of the tackles and contributed well offensively. 7.5

Kompany - Another huge game. Such a dominant and physical presence in the back that this can unfairly overshadow how good a footballer he is. 8

Lescott - A surprise inclusion ahead of Kolo Toure but looked comfortable in the main. 6.5

Zabaleta - United attacked well wide and Zabaleta found himself exposed on occasion. Not tight enough to Nani for the opening goal. 5.5

Barry - Looked livelier than he has done for some time both with and without possession. Didn't concede any ground in midfield. 7

Milner - Entrusted with a central role and tidy enough but never quite got hold of the game. 6

Yaya Toure - Surely time for him to get more credit? Such a presence in midfield and bridged the midfield and attack very well. 7.5

Kolarov - A disappointment. Much was expected after his performance against West Brom but lacked creativity and his passing was off. Looked like a player out of position. 5

Silva - Edged Kompany for City's best player. Energy, technique and creativity in abundance. Will rue that early miss though. 8.5

Tevez - Not his best day. Ran hard but looked to be trying too hard to prove a point but faced a good pairing in Smalling and Vidic. 6.5


Wright-Phillips - A good decision by Mancini. Has had success in the past in derbies and some glimpses of good form at times. 7

Dzeko - Was involved well in the play and played his part in the goal. Still finding his feet though. 6.5