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Tevez returns to Argentina

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Not even twenty-four hours after deciding not to appeal the clubs decision to fine him following the fall-out in Munich, Carlos Tevez has hit the headlines once again after making an unsanctioned trip back home to Argentina:

Tevez, who it emerged yesterday would not be appealing against City's ruling that he was guilty of misconduct in the Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich on September 27, is understood to have flown out to his native Argentina on Monday night.

Tuesday was a scheduled day off for the 27-year-old, but he was due at City's Carrington training ground this morning and has not shown up, meaning he could now be in further trouble with the club.

These are the scenes that greeted Tevez upon his return:

In many ways I doubt City are much concerned about the latest events. If it is confirmed that Tevez did not have permission to travel to Argentina then it is permissable for him to be fined for missing training, but in the meantime it does mean that he is some distance from the club and despite Roberto Mancini's striking a conciliatory note recently, I'm sure that suits him fine.

What it does do surely confirm the fact (which has been my long held view) that there is no way that Tevez plays before the opening of the January window - a period which it seems likely that at the very least Tevez leaves on loan - given the minimal playing time he has had the season (especially of late) and that he is midway through a specific fitness programme.

It has now got the stage of this whole saga where nothing that occurs is any longer a surprise. There is realistically no conceivable way at this point that any harmonious future can seemingly exist, and whilst it has not transmitted itself onto the pitch, the sooner the issue is resolved the better for all concerned.