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Monday links: Derby reaction

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A little late in the day, but here's your links covering all of the derby victory reaction:

  • Kevin McCarra's match report. [The Guardian]
  • Stuart Brennan's verdict. [MEN]
  • Jim White's match report. [The Telegraph]
  • 'The best is yet to come', says James Milner. [MEN]
  • Paul Hayward labels David Silva the 'shining light'. [The Guardian]
  • Sam Wallace writes about a changing of the guard. [Independent]
  • Daniel Taylor's 'Five Things We Learned'. [The Guardian]
  • Zonal Marking's analysis of the game. [Zonal Marking]
  • Alistair Magowan looks at the influence of David Silva and James Milner. [BBC Sport]
  • Alan Hansen suggests City are now favourites for the title. [The Telegraph]
  • Roberto Mancini suggests that Mario Balotelli is in the 'top five in the world'. [Independent]
  • Reaction from around the world. [The Telegraph]
  • And Mario Balotelli, Fire Safety poster-boy? [MEN]