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Sunday links: Derby day

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Just a few hours to go until kick-off and here are some early morning reads for you:

  • The MEN look at some of the key battles. [MEN]
  • Duncan White writes that shackling Wayne Rooney is the key. [The Telegraph]
  • Roberto Mancini compares Yaya Toure to Ruud Gullit. [The Telegraph]
  • Daniel Taylor profiles the key areas in a series of articles. [The Guardian]
  • Yaya Toure says history 'is waiting to be written'. [The Guardian]
  • A great read on Mike Doyle from Tim Rich. [The Independent]
  • Away from the pitch, City are planning to expand the capacity of The Etihad Stadium. [The Telegraph]
  • And last but not least, Mario Balotelli + fireworks = headlines. [The Guardian]