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Club statement: 'A case for Tevez to answer'

Bongarts/Getty Images

Per the official site:

The Club has now reached a stage in its investigation where it has concluded that there is a case for Carlos Tevez to answer of alleged breaches of contract.

Accordingly, the Club has informed him that he will face disciplinary proceedings and the hearing will be convened shortly.

Carlos will be required to report to Roberto Mancini for training on Thursday.

Whilst not concluding the situation in any way the statement put out by the club is significantly worded nonetheless. By specifically referencing the phrase 'breach of contract' indicates that the club feels that they are in a strong position and that the evidence they have gathered to date as part of the investigation is sufficient enough that Tevez has a case to answer.

In addition, by stating that Tevez is expected at training on Thursday (i.e. tomorrow morning) the club have put the ball very much in his court: effectively saying that if he failed to turn up for training then Tevez could face further sanction by the club.

For those expecting a quick resolution here, don't hold your breath. With the hearing still to be conducted and then with the right of appeal available to Tevez (dependent upon the outcome) the situation could very well stretch towards the January transfer window.

In the meantime expect a significant presence at Carrington tomorrow morning.