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Manchester City 0-1 Aston Villa: No Urgency

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Manchester City dropped all three points in a disappointing match at Aston Villa today, with debutant Darren Bent scoring his first goal as a Villan.

City lacked conviction, effort, cohesiveness, and any other attribute you can think of that is synonymous with "tried hard". Aleksandr Kolarov was the lone bright spot, with both David Silva and Carlos Tevez failing to impress, which is far from the norm.

Credit, however, should go to Aston Villa - they were somewhat fortunate in their goal, but once it was achieved, they defended with quite a bit of heart, simply, everything that City lacked. It was a deserved three points, both through City's ineptitude and Villa's will to win.

On a day where Spurs drew and United and Arsenal won, any sort of result would have been preferred for the Blues. There are, however, plenty of lessons to be learned from this loss and ones that must be implemented going forward, else it happen again. 

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